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Prismatone USA is famous for its one-of-a-kind piezo-electric pickups and preamps for acoustic nylon string guitars.  Prismatone USA also designs and manufactures high-end pickups for steel string acoustics, semi-hollow body guitars and solid-body electric guitars.  Our growing lineup of quality gear and accessories also includes solid-state and tube amplifiers and a new series of acoustic and electric guitars that push the bounds of six string instruments -- all proudly designed and manufactured in the USA of the highest quality materials and workmanship to amplify your sound and elevate your guitar playing.  #PlayPrismatone

About the Prismatone

The Prismatone™ Pickup has its roots in the 1960’s American Folk, Country and Bluegrass guitar playing scenes. Utilizing what at the time was an evolutionary approach to acoustic guitar amplification, piezoelectric sensors became one of the earliest and still preferred pickup technologies to amplify nylon string acoustic guitars. In many ways the Prismatone™ design is superior to other available pickup systems on the market that are more prone to feedback and clarity and coloration issues. Yes, the Prismatone is special.

The problem was that, since very few original Prismatones were made in the 1960s before production stopped, they were hard to find and often way too expensive for most guitarists. And so we set out to change that by reinventing Prismatone™ Pickups to be accessible to today's players and we didn't skimp on anything when it came to designing our new Prismatone™ Classic Pickup to be as genuine and true to the original pickup as humanly possible in terms of appearance, performance and especially sound. 

In fact it took us three years of research and development to get the Prismatone Pickup right. We conducted test after test against original versions and original preamps using period amps and many prototype evolutions to get the authentic Prismatone sound right for a new generation of guitar players.

From legendary guitar players of yesteryear like Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed to today's greatest players including Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Chris Stapleton and many others, there’s a reason why the Prismatone™ is such a sought after pickup and an essential part of many musicians' gear setup and sound. 


Photograph by Wyatt McSpadden

Research and Development


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