What is a prismatone pickup?

What is a prismatone pickup?

The Prismatone is too good to be left in the history books! We’ve spared no expense to bring back a very limited release of these extraordinarily rare and unquestionably legendary guitar pickups, each laser-serialized and blessed by some of the coolest nylon-string guitar gods.Back in the 1960s a very small number of Prismatone pickups were produced before the universes misaligned for business reasons and production stopped, much to the chagrin of many great guitarists at the time (some of whom would later become legendary). The extremely limited production makes this an item that collectors and discerning performers search their whole lives for. Have you ever seen one? 

Why is it so special? The Prismatone is a piezoelectric pickup made to amplify the tone of the nylon-stringed guitar, and cut through the mix without feedback. It has a natural sparkle and unique tone that avoids the pitfalls of other acoustic amplification systems. It’s a great way for your acoustic to come out of the background, and stand proudly front and center.

The Prismatone guitar pickup is one of the most rare and sought-after nylon string guitar pickups in existence. The pickup is featured on many famous recordings, and used by many legendary performers. 

Who uses them?
Willie Nelson still uses a Prismatone in his famous Martin guitar named Trigger.
Jerry Reed was known to play a “Clawmaster” with a Prismatone in it.

Or Chet Atkins…Or Dolly Parton…
Will you be the next legend to play a Prismatone?

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