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Prismatone™ provides luthier services and support for pickup installations, bridge modifications, replacements and guitar setups. Contact us for a quote.

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Prismatone™ Classic Passive Pickup INSTALLATION GUIDE

Download this step-by-step guide for installation of the Prismatone™ Classic Pickup with a passive endpin output jack.

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Download this step-by-step guide FOR installation of the Prismatone™ Classic Pickup with our active endpin output jack.

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Technical support

Having trouble? Check out our FAQs and send us a note in the contact form below. We're here to help. Prismatone Forever!

Yes. If you’re mostly going to be playing at home or in the studio then the Prismatone™ Pickup, by itself, without a preamp, just soldered to a sidejack or endpin jack with a short guitar cable (20’ or less in length) connected to your amp of choice is plenty loud.

On our Baldwin C1 Amp we don’t have to turn the volume past 3 when recording test videos.  This is what’s known as the “Passive Configuration” and delivers the purest Prismatone™ sound without any added coloration or equalization.

For some guitars it's easier to modify the existing bridge and can be more affordable to do so.

For other guitars, particularly vintage instruments that we might want to revert back to original in the future, bridge replacement is a better option, assuming you don't install an oversized bridge.

We want to give you the tools to make it as easy as possible to start playing your new Prismatone, whether you choose to have your own luthier install your pickup locally, or would prefer to ship your guitar to us and have our professional luthiers do the install. Check out our Prismatone DIY installation guides and tips to learn more about how to install your Prismatone or Contact Us for Service.

The luthier services we offer are focused around properly installing and intonating a Prismatone pickup on your nylon string guitar of choice, with or without a pre-amp and with a number of configurations depending on your guitar playing needs. We offer two installation methods. One methold modifies the existing bridge on your guitar without removing it, the other replaces your existing bridge with one of our new Prismatone bridge styles. We're happy to talk with you once you've purchased a Prismatone to help you choose the best of action

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