Prismatone™ Classic Pickup
Prismatone™ Classic Pickup
Prismatone™ Classic Pickup
Prismatone™ Classic Pickup

Prismatone™ Classic Pickup

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We’ve reinvented the Prismatone™ Pickup for a new generation of nylon-string guitar players to amplify that legendary sound. You can rest assured that this new version of the beloved piezoelectric pickup is as true to the original as humanly possible.

Items Included with the purchace pf a Prismatone Classic Pickup.

+ Standard Endpin Jack

+ Saddle G30 - 5mm

+ Set of Two: Intonation Screws, Nuts, and 3/8" index pins.

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The Prismatone is Back!

Complete your purchase with Prismatone™ parts and accessories below.

Step 1: Secure your Prismatone™


Step 2: Choose your bridge

One of the things that make a Prismatone™ Pickups so special besides the incredible sound are their unique bridges.  The Prismatone™ requires a custom bridge--or a modification to existing bridges on some models--for installation on most nylon-string acoustics, aka Folk Guitars, Gut-Strings, Parlors and Spanish or Classical guitars.

Step 3: Prismatone™ Preamps

A lot of guitar players ask, “Do I need a Preamp to make the Prismatone™ Pickup work?”  The answer is a resounding “Yes” or “No” depending on where and how you’re going to be playing.  It all basically comes down to Studio or Stage?  That is the question you must answer for the Prismatone™ guitar gods to decide which configuration will be best for your particular Guitar to Amp set-up.

Step 4: Install

Prismatone™ offers Lutherie Services including Expert Installation of Prismatone Pickups in Most Nylon-String Guitar Models. Click here to learn more.