Jerry Reed Legacy

Jerry Reed Legacy


When it comes to the world of guitar craftsmanship and playing, few names resonate as profoundly as Jerry Reed, an icon known for his innovative guitar style. Reed's legacy continues to thrive through the craftsmanship and luthier work of Mel McCullough and the skilled guitar playing of Phil Hunt, both of whom have played integral roles in preserving and extending the spirit of Reed's musical genius. 

Jerry Reed, a true virtuoso, was renowned for his fingerpicking skills. His guitar skills set a high bar, inspiring generations of musicians and luthiers alike. His guitars like the claw-master weren't just instruments; they were reflections of his ingenuity and musical spirit.

Mel McCullough, a master luthier, has been an integral part in preserving Reed's legacy. It is evident in the guitars he meticulously handcrafts. Notably, he specializes in recreating the iconic Jerry Reed style guitars, featuring the distinctive Prismatone Pickup—a key element of Reed's signature sound. McCullough's commitment to craftsmanship ensures that the spirit of Reed's guitars lives on through each instrument he creates.

Phil Hunt stands out as one of the guitarists today adept in emulating Jerry Reed's unique playing style. His skills and dedication have earned him recognition as one of the best in replicating Reed's distinctive techniques. Through his performances and dedication to mastering Reed's style, Hunt pays homage to the guitar legend while also infusing his interpretations with a personal touch.

Jerry Reed's guitar legacy continues to echo through the craftsmanship of Mel McCullough and the skillful playing of Phil Hunt. McCullough's dedication to replicating Reed's guitars ensures that musicians have access to instruments capable of producing Reed's timeless sound. Meanwhile, Hunt's commitment to emulating Reed's playing style ensures that the essence of Reed's music lives on, captivating audiences and inspiring aspiring guitarists.

The profound impact of Jerry Reed's innovative guitar craftsmanship and distinctive playing style continues to reverberate through the work of Mel McCullough and Phil Hunt. Their dedication ensures that Reed's legacy remains vibrant and influential in the world of guitar music.